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To enjoy all the wonders that the National Park Torres del Paine has, Lago Grey Hotel has a team of tour guides who offer various excursions such as sailing the Grey Glacier, trekking into the park and tours by vehicles, to help you enjoy the main attractions. All excursions make it possible to come in full contact with nature, discovering every corner of flora and fauna of the Chilean Patagonia.


FULL DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 8 hours/12Km - Difficulty: HIGH

One of the most famous hikes of the Paine trails, it is demanding, but it rewards you with the imposing view of the three granite towers. This walk is characterized by its great ascent towards the viewpoint. The climb is for 1 hour bordering the Ascencio River until arriving at the Passage of the Winds. From here it is 30 minutes to the Chilean Camp where we can take a little break. The hike continues to climb the forest for 1.5 more hours, gaining height quickly and having incredible views of geological formations such as crevices, fractures and granite intrusions. The last hour is the toughest, where the trail zigzags up a moraine or loose rock, being exposed to the wind and with an unpredictable climate. Arriving at the viewpoint we will have the classic view of the Towers from near and if the weather permits we can have lunch with this fantastic landscape in front of us. The descent starts on the same trail and takes approximately 4 hours to reach the starting point, so you definitely need good knees and a solid physical condition. This excursion is hard and exhausting for those who are not accustomed to long distance walks.


FULL DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 8.5 hours / 13 Km - Difficulty: HIGH

We start very early in the morning, leaving the hotel and walking along the Pingo River to the "Chorrillo Los Salmones" waterfall. After walking almost 1 hour and a half, we will go to the Pingo Valley, where we will be lucky enough to advancw through a privileged forest which has not been touched by the fires of the park, keeping intact the habitat of the flora and fauna of forest. As we advance through the forest we will have climbs and descents, which can be more difficult when it rains as the path becomes soft. As we find clearings of forest, we will have a different view of the Paine Range. After walking between 2 and 2 hours and a half hours, we will arrive at the viewpoint of the Pingo Cascade. An imposing fast water that we will appreciate from close up to have lunch and take a break after the long walk. Before returning to the hotel by the same path. With luck it is possible to see flora and fauna that is very different from the rest of the park, since the transit of people is not authorized without a guide with the respective certification.


FULL DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 11 hours / 15Km - Difficulty: HIGH

To start this excursion we will take a car to the sector called Pudeto. From there we will take a boat that will take us to Lake Pehoé, it takes about 30 minutes to arrive at Paine Grande Lodge. After 2 hours of walking, easy at first, since it is relatively flat, we arrive at the park ranger area, Italiano Campsite. From here we begin to climb the majestic French Valley, located in the heart of the Paine Range. Transiting in the middle of a wooded landscape and seeing the spectacular Glaciers that roll off the mountains. After 2 or 2 and a half hours more, we will reach the viewpoint; an ideal place to enjoy our box lunch. From this place, if our physical condition is optimal, we can reach the vicinity of the British Camp, a spectacular point where the view of the interior summits of the Paine is presented in all its magnitude, a beautiful granite amphitheater, with different shapes and names. Made especially famous by climbers, who come every season to challenge these hills. Finally we will start to return using the same route, taking the navigation back where the van will wait for us to return to the hotel.


FULL DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 7 hours - Difficulty: LOW

This is the recommended excursion for those who want to contemplate and enjoy most of the Torres del Paine National Park in one day and without any physical effort. We will start our excursion to the Forestry Corporation Visitor Center where we will receive general information about everything that constitutes this magnificent World Biosphere Reserve. Our trip continues towards the Salto Grande, an imposing waterfall that can be seen after a short walk and where we have a view of the Paine Grande Mountain, and can observe the highest peak of the Paine Range. Then we will go to the Lago Nordenskjöld viewpoint, place where we will appreciate this lake and we will be very close to the Horns of the Paine. Then we will head towards the Amarga Lagoon area to see the Paine River Falls, and begin to see the first panoramic views of the famous Torres del Paine. We will continue to the other end of the Park, to have lunch in Laguna Azul, a quiet and beautiful area of the park where we will have a Picnic to recover our energy. Then we will follow our course, bordering the Las Chinas River and remembering how important these areas were for the Indians Of the area. We will make another stop in Amarga Lagoon, where we have another perfect view of the towers. On the way we will be able to observe fauna and be able to take photographs before we start to head towards the Hotel. We will make a stop at the Hostería Pehoé lookout; One of the oldest tourist establishments inside the park, and if the sunset allows, take the best postcard worthy photographs of this area. We will return to the hotel at sunset, just in time to observe our best view of Lake Grey.


HALF DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 5 hours / 10Km - Difficulty: HIGH

This is an excellent option to see most of the National Park being close to the hotel. First we will ascend the challenging path that leads to the Mirador Ferrier; The path is very steep approximately 60 ° elevation and altitude is gained quickly (700 m.s.n.m). First we will cross the river before reaching the always windy view point. Then we will enter a beautiful forest of Lengas (Nothofagus Pumilio). Here we will have spectacular panoramic views of the Glacier Grey and the icebergs floating on the lake, Paine Range, Paine River, Toro Lake, Pingo Glacier, among others. The descent is by the same path. This time only downhill, and then return to the hotel.


HALF DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 2 hours / 4.5 KM - Difficulty: LOW

We will drive about 45min towards the center of Torres del Paine National Park, where we begin our hike. It is a simple trek with a maximum height of 400 m.s.n.m, starting at 45 m.s.n.m. There is an incredible view of the Paine River and Lake Pehoé, with it’s turquoise colors facing the magnificent Paine Range. At the top of this viewpoint, with some luck, it is possible to see Condors. As a platform for taking off, juvenile condors are taught by their parents to undertake the flight or many times to rest on days that are not so windy in the conglomerate formations that originated there. After the descent we return to the hotel.


HALF DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 4 hours/6.5 KM - Difficulty: MEDIUM

We leave from the hotel, towards the Pingo river, where we enter a flat path with slight ascents and descents. We begin along the river and then between forests with the view towards Paine Grande and Cordón Olguin. Lasting about 1 hour and a half we arrive at the viewpoint of the Cascade "Chorrillo Los Salmones". It is called this because it is sometimes possible to see salmon descending by these waterfalls . The interesting thing about this sector is that it is an area that you can only visit with certified hotel guides. Since the forest has not been affected by the last fires inside the park, and has a low influx of visitors for its protection. The return is also interesting to be able to see flora and fauna of the area.


HALF DAY EXCURSION - Distance: 2 horas / 5.5Km - Difficulty: LOW

We will drive about 45min to the parking area of Salto Grande viewpoint. From that point, we start a simple trek. The landscape is of the Patagonica steppe, where it predominates, the Calafate (Berberis Microphyla), The Mata Barrosa (Mulinum Spinosum) and the marked burnt forests of Lengas (Nothofagus Pumilio) and ñirres (Nothofagus Antarctica), that were burnt in the fire in 2011. We arrive at a viewpoint with an impressive view of lake Nordenskjöld , with the Horns of the Paine behind it in all their magnitude. Also to the left, we have an excellent view to Paine Grande and to the right to Almirante Nieto. Back on the trail, we take a detour on the last stretch of our route and pass through one of the park's main waterfalls, the imposing Salto Grande. After visiting, we go back to the Van and return to the hotel. The return leg lasts approximately 45 min.