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Hotel Lago Grey
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Trade Policies Hotel Lago Grey


The published rates for Hotel Lago Grey are per room per night and include a welcome drink per person.

All children under 4 years old are released, sharing room with parents. (Up to 2 per room.) All children from 5 to 12 years old must pay  50% of the rack rate as well as all extra consumption.


Check In from 14:00 hrs.
Check out time: 11:00 hrs.

Franchise Tax:

Hotel Lago Grey exempt from paying value added tax (IVA or VAT) equivalent to 19% of all passengers nonresident aliens not domiciled in Chile. To do this, they must present their passport and entry card.

Guarantee Booking and payment terms

By requiring the payment of a reservation, this must be paid within a maximum of 7 days.

If the reservation is not paid in full within this time limit it may be canceled without notice and deposits that would have been paid will not be refunded. Notwithstanding the above, Lago Grey Hotel reserves the right to require payment of 50% of total booking in advance or when appropriate.

All payments and / or deposits must be inform vía fax or email to the Hotel Lago Grey reservations department with the appropriate detail.

Cancellation Policy


From 0 to 29 days: 100%

From 30 to 45 days: 50% More than 45 days: 0%


From 0-6 days: 100%

More than 7 days: 0%

Payment methods:

Credit Card:

National or international, by sending the payment form and copy of identification signature of the owner of the credit card.

By check:

In the case of national current accounts, payment will be effective when the funds are released by the issuing bank.

For International dollars currents accounts, the payment will be effective when the funds are released by the issuing bank.

Bank account deposit:

Once the availability is confirmed by our reservation department an email will be sent with our banking information 

Front Desk:

In our offices:

Lautaro Navarro # 1077, Punta Arenas.

Hotel Lago Grey, Torres del Paine

Gusinde Hotel Martin, Carlos Bories # 278, Puerto Natales.